28 November 2021

Gheorghe Russu

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Three main opposition parties set up Political Coincil

The Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance have announced their establishing a Political Council for dialog and cooperation in the run-up to the July 29 early parliamentary election.
INFOTAG, 22 June 2009, 19:59


Chisinau, June 22 ( INFOTAG ). MNA leader Serafim Urechean told a news conference in Infotag today the Council should let the opposition forces coordinate their actions during the election campaign and even after it.

"The Council is the continuation of our previous electoral efforts. It is well in harmony with the political messages the three parties put forward before the April 5 elections, and is a definite sign of consolidation of Moldovan opposition forces", Urechean said.

Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat said that yet one year ago the Liberal Democrats stood up with such initiative, but things did not go as far as forming such council then. Fortunately, the idea has been put into reality now, and he believes "this is evidence of the political maturity the opposition forces have attained".

Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu said the Council lays the foundation for joint democratic governance of all the three parties. He said, "Our unity should ensure the realization of the dream of most Republic of Moldova citizens - integration into the European Union".

The three leaders said the Council is open to cooperation with other political formations, but will be vigilant in relations with them. The Council's activities will be coordinated by its Executive Secretary, and this will be Moldova Noastra Alliance First Deputy Chairman Veaceslav Untila.

The just elected Executive Secretary said the Council of 9, with three representatives from each party, will be convening regularly to discuss emerging questions and to coordinate actions to make the coming elections really free and correct.


Chisinau, June 22 ( INFOTAG ). The Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance have refuted the Communists' allegations that the opposition is undermining the statehood of Moldova. They stated that, on the contrary, these are the Communists who are busy doing this.

MNA leader Serafim Urechean stated at the news conference in Infotag, "The country's statehood has been undermined by the Communist Party and personally by Vladimir Voronin".

"When myself and Mihai Ghimpu voted in parliament in 1991 for the independence of the Republic of Moldova, Voronin was hiding in bushes somewhere in Moscow, and Rosca [Christian Democratic Popular Party leader] - behind the Carpathian mountains to evade the draft. And now these gentlemen are accusing us of ruining the Moldovan statehood!" Urechean stated indignantly.

Mihai Ghimpu said that during the 8 years of their rule, the Communists have ruined everything that is called a law-governed state, democracy, the independent judiciary, and the independent media.

"We voted for independence and promoted the building of the Republic of Moldova's statehood. As far as I know, not a single Communist parliamentarian voted for the independence of our republic", stated Mihai Ghimpu.

Said LDPM Chairman Vlad Filat, "Vladimir Voronin thinks that he himself is the State, so the one who speaks against him speaks against the Republic of Moldova's statehood".

"For eight years, comrade Voronin and his MCP have been fighting against the Moldovan state, have been constantly splitting the society to thus smokescreen their complete inability to solve economic and social problems", Filat said.


Chisinau, June 22 ( INFOTAG ). The parliamentary opposition parties presume President Voronin has made a blunder, when he decided to go to Moscow to ask financial assistance.

LDPM leader Vlad Filat called the visit "a political adventure" because upon receipt of money from Moscow, Moldova may come across problems at negotiations with the IMF in autumn.

MNA Chairman Serafim Urechean said Vladimir Voronin seems to have changed his strategy: "Now Voronin has ceased his touring of Europe in quest for money. After the IMF had rejected crediting for Moldova for its failure to meet commitments, he rushed to Moscow like a hungry goat would rush for a carrot".

Vlad Filat shouldered responsibility for economic situation aggravation, including for bankruptcy of Investprivatbank, on the Communists "who were long refusing to recognize that an economic crisis was approaching, and would reject the opposition's proposals to cushion down the crisis consequences".

"The Communists kept on claiming there was no crisis and would not be any, so citizens were thus encouraged to invest their savings in banks, like e.g. in Investprivatbank, which went bankrupt yet several months ago", said Vlad Filat.

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iannn, 23 June 2009, 9:26
The money given by russia is for the use of the people of moldova and not for the use of the communist party. That would point to the communist party seeking money to fix the election in thier favour. That is more of a risk to statehood as it involves intereference by another state. Full and transparent use of money borrowed for the electorate of moldova should be a matter of law to ensure money is not used in a corrupt manner that endangers democracy in moldova.
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