28 November 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Voronin: Forthcoming elections will be plebiscite on country's independence...

The acting President of Moldova, Chairman of the ruling Communist Party Vladimir Voronin presumes the July 29 early parliamentary elections "are going to be in fact a plebiscite to solve the question of the independence of our country".
INFOTAG, 24 June 2009, 19:52

Chisinau, June 24 ( INFOTAG ). On June 24, Voronin gave a news conference during which he stated that the July 29 vote is not the Communist Party's initiative, "but we have accepted the challenge thrown to us by the opposition".

He subjected the parliamentary opposition to strong criticism, claiming, "The liberal opposition is working for destabilization in the republic... Their whole logic is the logic of provocateurs aimed at destabilization and liquidation of the Moldovan statehood. They are not opponents to the Communist Party, they are opponents to Moldova. They rejected our hand, blockaded the election of president in parliament, and are now trying to throw the republic into chaos".

In his words, the Moldovan opposition has never been free at taking decisions because it depends on international criminal structures financing their election campaign. Moreover, 28-of-41 members of the current parliamentary opposition are people against whom legal actions had been started in various times, and against Veaceslav Platon of the Moldova Noastra Alliance - 11 criminal actions.

"We know for sure that nine parliamentarians from the opposition were ready to take part in electing president, but they were not permitted to. We thus have to deal with criminal organizations, not with political parties", stated the President.

He further held the Communist Party held negotiations with the opposition concerning the voting for a new president, "and the most active negotiator of them all was Serafim Urechean [MNA leader]. We reached some accords, but on the following day he would start hiding from us like a rabbit from a hunter. During 5 days he lost 15 kilograms".

Voronin stressed that the July 29 elections will be "a struggle between black and white", and that a key problem is the campaign coverage by the public mass media, and "we are going to appear on the public television as state officials possibly seldom". Unlike during the April 5 campaign, the Communists shall take part in the live electoral debates on television and radio.


Chisinau, June 24 ( INFOTAG ). President Vladimir Voronin has dismissed rumors about alleged differences existing inside his governing Communist Party.

Answering journalists' questions about ex-Speaker Marian Lupu's recent departure from the MCP, Voronin said, "Any betrayal is unpleasant. It was a stab in the back, which was particularly painful. However, departures from parties are but natural, the more so from a party like ours - the largest in the country, one having 30 thousand members. A party is a living organism. Some come, other go".

He stressed there is no use regretting, because "these are usually the weakest who go, or fortune hunters who feel offended when they cannot satisfy their ambitions in a party".

Voronin refrained from answering your Infotag correspondent's question about possible coalitions after the elections, and only said evasively the Communists would be working to prevent destabilization and would be glad to cooperate for this sake.


Chisinau, June 24 ( INFOTAG ). Acting President Vladimir Voronin has stated the Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office disposes of concrete evidence that Romania had a relation to fomenting the April 7 riots in Chisinau.

He stated at the news conference today, "The Office has such evidence. We also know that citizens of Serbia took part in the Chisinau disturbances, too. The riot investigation is under way, and shall be brought to an end... This investigation is not for the sake of organizing a new Nuremberg Trial against our opposition but for the sake of establishing the truth, which should become a warning for Moldovan citizens and politicians".

Answering journalists' questions, the President stated Moldova may cancel the visa regime, introduced for Romanians shortly after the said riots in Chisinau, "only after the European Union agrees to simplify a visa regime for citizens of Moldova. Such is my opinion, and I shall be insisting on it at least as long as I remain acting President of Moldova. And when I cease to be president, it well may be that I will begin telling so-far unknown things about the April 7 events".

In his words, he discussed this problem with Javier Solana, the EU Foreign & Security Policy Chief and Secretary General of the European Union Council, shortly after April 7. Vladimir Voronin said there exist realistic prerequisites for resolving the visa problem for Moldova in the nearest future.

According to him, the Republic of Moldova wants to establish good relations with neighbors, including with Romania, for he is convinced, "relations with neighbors must be excellent, must always be at the top level. The Republic of Moldova has constantly waged such policy during last 8 years, but things would inevitably slide down to old ideas related to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact".

Voronin highlighted an essential circumstance: Moldovan opposition parties have not assumed whatever position on the recent statements made by Romanian President Traian Basescu, who had cast doubt on the statehood of the Republic of Moldova as such.


Chisinau, June 24 ( INFOTAG ). The acting President of Moldova, leader of the governing Communist Party Vladimir Voronin has expressed gratitude to the Russian Federation for the assistance it renders for Moldova.

Voronin stated at the news conference today, "Russia has realized the entire complexity of the situation we are in, and is providing help. What a correct saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed, isn't it?"

Vladimir Voronin said, during his visit to Moscow this past Monday, the two countries reached an agreement that Russia would furnish a US$500 million credit, and a US$20 million gratuitous help to restore the riot-damaged buildings of the Moldovan Parliament and presidential office.

"The credit supplying was a political decision. The rest technical and other details will be settled according to established procedures. The said money will be invested in projects such as road rehabilitation and infrastructure development. Other variants will be possible as well, depending on how the financial and economic crisis develops. Surely, this money shall not be used for trivial consumption, this is inadmissible", said Vladimir Voronin.

He refuted the allegations that Moldova is going to let Russia use Moldovan gas pipelines to an account of the credit: "No, the credit is a separate thing, and we shall be repaying it with money. We are not offering anything else for payment. Besides, you must know that the pipelines are the property of Moldovagaz, a joint venture, in which 50% belongs to the Russian Gazprom Concern".

Voronin also said that during the visit to Moscow, the two countries reached an accord to subsequently conclude an agreement guaranteeing social protection and security to Moldovan gastarbeiters in Russia.

Answering journalists' questions, Voronin stressed the Russian credit "must not tell adversely on our relations with the International Monetary Fund. The IMF behaves like a wife that periodically quits her bad husband but then comes backs. The Fund has already left Moldova once - in 2001, when the Communist Party came into state power here. Some time later, namely in 2005, the IMF came back here, asking, 'How could you achieve such successes?' But we achieved them exactly because the IMF was absent!"


Chisinau, June 24 ( INFOTAG ). President Vladimir Voronin stated at the news conference today the Transnistrian conflict settlement remains a priority for the government of Moldova.

"We continue to stand up for resuming talks and for resolving the Transnistria problem in the established format of 5+2. We have never rejected the Transnistrian region as such or our citizens residing there", he stressed.

In his words, the April 7 riots in Chisinau had a fairly negative impact on the negotiation process as a whole because Transnistrian leader Igor Smirnov has received a pretext to claim that Chisinau is unable to solve even its own problems, but wants to solve Transnistrian ones, too.

"Smirnov has thus obtained a new tasty chewing gum, and now he will be wandering around and chewing it at every corner. All this is from one and the same political line aimed at splitting and annihilating our state - the Republic of Moldova", said President Voronin.

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