1 December 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

EU Special Representative calls on Moldovan politicians...

As the July 29 early parliamentary elections in Moldova are approaching, European Union Special Representative for the Republic of Moldova Kalman Mizsei has issued an address to all political formations taking part in the election campaign.
INFOTAG, 2 July 2009, 18:49

Chisinau, July 2 ( INFOTAG ). He wrote, in particular, that this is an important period in the life of the nation "and we, at the European Union, wish that all political actors understand the weight of the time and act accordingly. Legitimacy of the elections in the eyes of citizens, political parties and the international community will reconfirm Moldova's dedication to European integration, and will also ensure that the state institutions the new Parliament will form can make the difficult decisions that need to be taken to bring the country out of the current political and economic crisis. For this, the elections need to be free and fair, and the campaign must be conducted in a civilized manner that would guarantee that political parties of the country can join forces after the elections, with no regard to the outcome".

Kalman Mizsei further wrote that the experience of the recent elections showed areas where concrete actions need to be taken to guarantee that the upcoming poll meet standards for democratic elections, and the international community stands ready to assist Moldova in undertaking necessary reforms. For this, he presumes, the recommendations provided, notably the OSCE ODIHR final report on the April 5 elections should be carefully examined and implemented in good faith.

"To ensure that Moldova continues to strive for these ideals during these elections and after, we encourage real steps in ensuring that the coverage of the elections in electronic media meets international standards. For voters to make an informed choice, it is necessary that coverage of competing political parties by media is offered in substantial volumes and during times when voters can see it. As elections are a competition between ideas, particular attention should be paid to meaningful live debates between competing political parties. A commitment by all parties to participation in such debates, including debates between leaders of parties will contribute to the free and informed choice of the voters", the EU Special Representative wrote.

"The compilation of voter's lists received particular attention during the last elections. For these elections, municipal executives will face a great challenge to set up more accurate lists in a very short time. Their work will be scrutinized by all actors, by the Central Election Commission which bears ultimate responsibility, but also by civil society, political parties and the international community. A successful compilation of these lists, followed by a transparent and inclusive process for their verification by citizens, representatives of civil society and political parties will overcome the lack of trust and allegations of fraud which was brought about due to deficiencies in these lists for the April 5 elections", the address said.

Kalman Mizsei drew the local politicians' attention to the regrettable fact that the events that followed have split Moldovan society. In his belief it is important that this split is overcome, "therefore I urge all political parties to abstain from using speculations and accusations related to these events in the election campaign as this would further this split. Objective facts as to responsibilities of the degeneration of the peaceful protests into violent acts can only be established by the competent courts. The political lessons of these tragic events should be agreed upon by a broad dialogue of all relevant actors of the Moldovan society. I proposed already in April that the current State commission that was tasked to investigate the events of 7 April should be transformed into a national commission on clarification of causes, circumstances and consequences of events of 7 April with equal participation of political parties, NGOs, authorities and with observer status fo r international organizations".

"This was also proposed to the now dissolved Parliament - a proposal that received support both from the ruling party and the opposition. Such commission could be set up as a first task by the new parliament, once elected. Only Moldova can overcome this trauma, but the international community will give full support to this process. Reports by the international community on the events, including from OSCE, the Council of Europe and the European Union could provide an impartial foundation for these deliberations, Mizsei wrote


Chisinau, July 2 ( INFOTAG ). The European Union Special Representative for Moldova, Kalman Mizsei, wrote in his address to Moldovan politicians that an extension of inappropriate allegations within the election campaign is the wild labeling of each other by the participants of adherence to different past totalitarian ideologies and practices.

"This is not, in my experience and conviction, true related to any of the main contesting parties, nor is it helpful to the fragile Moldovan democracy. During World War 2 the territory of today's Republic of Moldova, including its Transnistrian territory, witnessed some horrible events from both totalitarian regimes of the time. Mass deportations and killings happened on a brutal scale."

"Today's Moldovan society and its political culture is fundamentally different. This is a very tolerant nation - a value that all the participants of the political life of the country need to understand and value. There are luckily no Stalinists and Antonescu-followers in the Moldovan mainstream. I do understand some of the fears and grievances - but simply those fears are not based on today's political and ideological realities. In order to cement in a healthy self-confidence of the political class, dialogue is needed and agreement on the codex of the rhetoric that can not be used even during the election campaign. Those who frighten the public on one side with fascism, on the other side with Stalin's practices do not do good to democracy, we have to say it very clearly, and those in the political life of Moldova who care for a sober, centrist political culture should also do it - on both sides. It needs political courage but statesmanship sometimes means that one does not o nly follow his/her own constituency but also educates them. Evolving the political culture, protecting the values of the young Moldovan democracy is the common responsibility of all who participate in the electoral competition. I call on the Moldovan politicians to tame the rhetoric of this campaign for the sake of the country!" the diplomat wrote.

"I am convinced that by undertaking these elections in the spirit of democratic ideals Moldova will deepen its efforts to implement European values of democracy and human rights. This will be strongly supported by the European Union and all of its member states. Our Union of 27 member states on numerous occasions has underlined the need to fully observe the principles of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, and the European Union along with its member states have been, and will remain by far the largest contributor of assistance to the Republic of Moldova. The EU, as its last Council Conclusion made it abundantly clear, is ready to engage with Moldova in a deeper integration process and even stronger support to its young democratic state after its successful elections", the document said.


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