1 December 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Five Moldovan parties to enter Parliament - opinion poll

Five Moldovan parties would clear the 5% electoral threshold if parliamentary polls were held in Moldova next Sunday.
INFOTAG, 15 July 2009, 19:29


Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). These are the ruling Communist Party (PCRM), the opposition Liberal Party (PL), Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), Our Moldova Alliance (AMN) and the Democratic Party (PD).

These are the results of the opinion poll "Vox Populi 2009" conducted by the association of sociologists and demographers from July 1-10 among 1,592 respondents. The survey was made public on July15.

According to the opinion poll, the PCRM would muster 29.7% of the vote, the PL 13.3%, the PLDM 12.8%, the AMN 7.8% and the PD 7.1%.

The PCRM enjoys the confidence of 44.5% of respondents. Next is the PL with 35.6%, the PLDM with 34.1%, and the AMN with 21.8% and the PD with 18.2%.

Over 67% of respondents said they would go to the polls. At the same time, only 35% of them are interested in politics while 22% are not.

As many as 29.4% of respondents said they assessed the parties by their deeds, 22.6% by their platforms and 18.3% by the qualities of their leaders.

The opposition's refusal to participate in the presidential election was negatively evaluated by 43% of respondents, 33.7% described it positively, while 17.4% abstained from answering.

Over 55% of respondents said that Moldovans were afraid to express their political beliefs and only 9.8% said they were not.

The opinion poll was conducted within a joint project of the Association Of European Election Officials and the Moldovan Association of Sociologists and Demographers "International experience of providing the electoral process with sociological information". The project is seen for September 2008-October 2009.


Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). The leader of the ruling Communist Party and Moldovan acting President Vladimir Voronin enjoys the highest confidence of the population, with his popularity rating standing at 22.3%. This is the conclusion of the opinion poll "Vox Populi 2009" conducted by the association of sociologists and demographers from July 1-10 among 1,592 respondents.

According to the survey, Voronin is followed by the deputy leader of the [opposition] Liberal Party and Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, with 18% and the leader of the [opposition] Liberal Democratic Party, Vlad Filat, with 14.9%.

The three are followed by the new leader of the Democratic Party [and former Communist speaker], Marian Lupu, with 13.7% and Prime Minister Zianida Greciani with 11.1%. The leader of the Our Moldova Alliance, Serafim Urechean enjoys the confidence of 10% of respondents.

As many as 54% of respondents said that Moldova is heading in the wrong direction and over 77% said they were affected by the financial crisis.


Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). Almost one third of Moldova's population believes that the ruling Communist party gained the most from the 7-8 April protests in Chisinau, according to the opinion poll "Vox Populi 2009" conducted by the Moldovan Association of Sociologists and Demographers. The survey was presented at a news conference today.

Over 23 per cent of respondents said that nobody gained anything from the protests, 19.7 per cent said that President Vladimir Voronin was the one to gain from them and 13.1 per cent said that it was the Liberal parties.

One third of respondents could not answer whether the protests were backed from abroad and 24.9 per cent said they were not. As many as 24.5 per cent of respondents were confident that Romania was behind the protests, more than 12 per cent said that Russia backed them and 5 per cent said that it was the EU.

Over 31 per cent of respondents said that the opposition organized the protests, 25 per cent said that it was a political provocation by the authorities and 11.5 per cent said that it was a youth protest.

As many as 43.5 per cent of respondents said that the protest rally stopped because the Moldovan authorities scared the protesting youth. Over 18 per cent described the protests as an emotional splash which could not last too long, while more than 11 per cent said that the opposition did not want to lead the protests.

Half of respondents said that Moldovans were not provided with reliable information about the 7-8 April events, each fourth said they were well informed and almost 24 per cent failed to answer.

According to the Vox Populi 2009 survey, relations with Russia are regarded as excellent by 81 per cent, with Ukraine by 64 per cent, with the EU by 46 per cent, with the USA by 43 per cent and with Romania by 22 per cent. Over 70 per cent of Moldova's population advocates accession to the EU and only 25 per cent to NATO.

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