28 November 2021

Gheorghe Russu

Vice-director, The Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Elections will show to be or not to be - Voronin

On July 29, local voters will provide an answer to Moldova's crucial question - to be or not to be as a country and as a society, Moldova's Acting President and Chairman of the ruling Communist Party Vladimir Voronin stated in his address to compatriots today.
INFOTAG, 24 July 2009, 17:34

Chisinau, July 24 ( INFOTAG ). In the document, he called the forthcoming elections as "the most responsible ones in the history of our state".

"For a first time ever, you will have to make a choice not between political programs and contenders' political pledges, not between the power and the opposition, but between development and chaos, between stability and pogroms, between civil dignity and political treason", presumes the Moldovan Communist leader.

Voronin further wrote, "Inability to wage an open, civilized political struggle, to lose in an honest, democratic competition, and a boundless thirst for power prompted the liberal opposition leaders to a large-scale provocation last April 7... And only the authorities' self-possession, only their understanding of the entire responsibility prevented the provocation from developing into a bloody massacre with inevitable human victims".

In his words, the government's appeals to political peace and to quest for a compromise failed to be heard "because the liberal parties and their genuine masters sought a totally different outcome - an uncontrolled, defenseless, crushed and defeated Moldova".

Vladimir Voronin presumes that the opposition, which has become hostage to its own lies and political irresponsibility, has not learnt a lesson from its recent defeat, and in this new election campaign it continues to put its stake exclusively on hostility, confrontation, provocations and on a defeat of democracy and of Moldova's independence.

"Preservation of statehood, restoration of the atmosphere of trust and constructive cooperation of all civil society forces will be impossible without a resolute victory by the Communist Party", emphasized Voronin, and called upon the society to "get united for the sake of Moldova, of its prosperity and independent development".


Chisinau, July 24 ( INFOTAG ). The governing Communist Party has today issued a pre-election Declaration, calling on Moldovans to "protect your Motherland and defend its sacred right of independence".

In the document, the Communists expressed conviction that the Moldovan people are capable of a resolute consolidation for the sake of the ideals of justice, democracy and national consent, whereas the opposition leaders "do not need a victory in democratic elections, and nor do they need a state power or responsibility".

"Their task is to achieve a further socio-economic destabilization in the country and to annihilate the Moldovan statehood. They do not want a strong democratic Moldova, for they need a territory of fear and violence, need a new regional conflict that would bury forever the people's hope for a modern quality of living, for a European future, and for reunification of the Motherland", said the MCP Declaration.

Its authors called upon the society to prove that "despite the obvious plots of the [April 7] pogrom organizers, despite the treacherous plans of political vandals, Moldova is able to return into the course of a stable social and economic development and to continue its worthy historical path".


Chisinau, July 24 ( INFOTAG ). Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat has called on state employees and particularly on law enforcement officers to "demonstrate your unity, far-sightedness, courage, and - together with the LDPM and the entire Moldovan society - overthrow the anti-people and anti-democratic regime".

Filat told a news conference today that voting against the Voronin regime is the civil duty of every citizen who says no to lawlessness, violence and hatred.

In his opinion, during the 8 years of stay in power, the Communist Party "has undermined democratic institutions in the country and has downgraded their functions to serving to the regime, has placed civil servants and the law enforcement into a humiliating position, when they work only out of fear".

Filat voiced compassion to state organs' employees "who often receive unlawful orders, and who cannot oppose to the criminal regime for fear of losing their jobs... Each person taken separately cannot indeed change the situation, and has to obey to the system silently. But on July 29 there will be a chance. Together, we can change things, can bring them into a real order, including the situation in state institutions".


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