1 December 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

DP will nominate candidate for presidency, and LDPM - for premiership

The new Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament elected today, Mihai Ghimpu, stated to the press that candidacy for President of Moldova shall be nominated by the Democratic Party of Marian Lupu's, and candidature for Prime Minister - by the Liberal Democratic Party of Vlad Filat's.
INFOTAG, 28 August 2009, 19:15

Chisinau, August 28 ( INFOTAG ). As for the 4th force in the majority Alliance for European Integration, the Moldova Noastra Alliance (MNA), its scope of functions will be announced later.

Marian Lupu reminded to journalists that the AEI's invitation to dialog, sent earlier to the Communist Party, is remaining in force all right.

Lupu said the new Government, to be headed by a LDPM representative, will be a coalitional body, so all the four AEI member parties shall be responsible for the results of country governance by the liberal democratic coalition.

The new Parliament has decided to resume work on September 2, when the forum will start shaping its working organs.


Chisinau, August 28 ( INFOTAG ). The election of parliament chairman is the Alliance for European Integration's first step towards country governance, Dorin Chirtoaca, the Liberal Party's Deputy Chairman and Mayor of Chisinau, stated in the forum today.

He said, next steps the Alliance will have to make will be the ensuring of the superiority of law, press freedom, independence of the judiciary and of prosecution organs, stable and constructive relations with neighbors, an economic growth, social protection, European integration, and a free movement within the European Union for Moldovans.

"The 41 opposition MPs, elected to parliament at the April 5 elections, did not betray their electorate and assumed the risk of standing for an early parliamentary election. The results achieved at the July 29 elections showed the inviolability of the Communist Party and proved that the country's future will be after the democratic parties", Chirtoaca said.

In his words, the Alliance for European Integration is fully ready to take the state power into its hands, for "the very proportion of political formations in the new Parliament shows that the Communists' domination is over".


Chisinau, August 28 ( INFOTAG ). Though the prime minister's post will go to the Liberal Democrats, responsibility for country governance shall equally lie on the 4 member forces of the majority Alliance for European Integration, the leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, the Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance stated during a press briefing today.

LDPM leader Vlad Filat said that to assume responsibility for governing in the current socio-economic conditions in Moldova means to take a great risk. Nevertheless, the democratic forces are conscientiously assuming this risk for the sake of pulling the republic out of crisis.

"We do have competent professionals able to ensure an efficient governing. We are embarking on this hard work in the Moldovan people's interests", Filat said.

The just elected new Speaker of Parliament, Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu shared journalists' opinion that the AEI leaders are now in the state of kamikazes. He said, "Really, we fill like kamikazes, if one takes into account the current socio-economic situation in the republic".

Democratic Party Chairman Marian Lupu said the governance will be coalitional, therefore responsibility will be on all the four forces.

Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean confirmed this. He said he is not particularly hunting for any high state post because during last decade or so he had held several very sensitive positions.


Chisinau, August 28 ( INFOTAG ). The governing coalition's main objective is to bring Moldova back on democratic development track, Liberal Democratic Party leader MP Vlad Filat stated here today.

It is his conviction that the emergence of a democratic parliamentary majority has been an important-most event in the Republic of Moldova's current history, and "next will be the nation's comeback to democracy after 8 years of the personal dictatorship of one man".

However, he said, the comeback is possible only through consolidation of democratic forces.

Filat highlighted that the Liberal Democratic Party, despite continuous oppressions by the Communist regime, has not deviated from the goal it has once set for itself. He said, "We have decided to be honest people, and we have achieved this".

He outlined several main priorities of the new power namely ensuring of the independence of the Moldovan judiciary, press freedom, a normal work of democratic institutions, and, essentially, the Transnistrian conflict settlement.

Vlad Filat is convinced Moldova will one day become a genuinely democratic European state.

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