26 October 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Voronin files resignation

This morning, President Vladimir Voronin sent in to the Parliament Secretariat his written application for retirement as head of state.
INFOTAG, 11 September 2009, 15:00

Chisinau, September 11 ( INFOTAG ). Upon learning the news, Parliament Chairman Mihai Ghimpu stated to Infotag that in conformity with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, now presidential functions go over to speaker of parliament.

"On the basis of the resignation application, the Parliament must pass a Resolution that Speaker becomes Acting President. The Resolution will then be sent to the Constitutional Court to confirm that everything was done in strict accordance with the Main Law", Ghimpu explained.


Chisinau, September 11 ( INFOTAG ). Acting Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin is leaving as head of state, he announced in his farewell letter to citizens he has published in the Nezavissimaya Moldova newspaper on Friday.

In the letter, Voronin wrote, in particular, that last 8 years in Moldova's history were a period of creation.

"Moldova has proved it is capable of existing as a sovereign state deserving independence and democracy. And though the epithet of "not the richest country in Europe" is still accompanying Moldova, it is clear to everyone now this nation can move forward despite all hardships and ordeals", the letter said.

"The Communist Party came into power in 2001 with a sincere desire to change situation in Moldova to the better", Voronin wrote, and thanked compatriots "for the colossal joint work, for the really phenomenal achievements we all may be proud of".

"I confess I am passing the reigns of government over to new authorities with a heavy heart. I don't want to sound cunning. I do not really believe that politicians, who have united only on emotions of negation and total blackening of their own native country and for dividing high posts, can be able to offer a positive program to the Moldovan society. I don't believe in their ability to be a solid team, to govern the state proceeding from your vital interests, not their own interests or objectives. I do not know even a single example of governance based on the idea of liquidating ones own native country and on dreams to annihilate it. On such soil, one can only cultivate despair, demoralization and fatality - nothing more", Voronin wrote.

Nevertheless, he is trying to be optimistic: "Firstly, because a half of the Moldovan society have spoken out definitely and categorically for continuing the course of reforms and changes we have chosen. Secondly, because in our country it is exclusively the citizenry who take an ultimate decision on how the nation should develop, where it should march to, and which goals and heights it should attain. Moldova has proved that state power here changes exclusively on the basis of democratic principles, which means that our people always have a chance to stop any dangerous scenario and to return onto the path of creation. I am optimistically minded because Moldova has been and must remain a democratic country. This means, our country has a future".

Voronin is highlighting he is leaving the presidential post during "a hardest global economic crisis. For over a year, we had waged an unequal struggle against the crisis and proved our ability to offer a worthy resistance even to such kind of ordeals. But now the whole team of my comrades and allies, which we had shaped by joint effort throughout all these 8 years, is going into opposition together with me. This is certainly not the best use of our faculties and competence in such a critical moment of the country's history. Anyhow, now it's our opponents' turn to demonstrate their capabilities and skills".


Chisinau, September 11 ( INFOTAG ). Outgoing Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin has highly appreciated the activities of the Communist Government of Premier Zinaida Grechanaya, which, like Voronin, tendered resignation this week.

On Friday, Vladimir Voronin held a farewell meeting with Grechanaya Cabinet members whim he called "a highly professional, consolidated team that achieved impressive results". He particularly highlighted the Government's actions to mitigate the consequences of the 2008 flood.

Voronin said that despite the global economic crisis, the Grechanaya Cabinet is leaving to its successors an office that has no domestic debts, with a considerable hard-currency reserve, with sound plans and concepts of development in all economy spheres.



Chisinau, September 11 ( INFOTAG ). Now that the Communist Party has become an opposition force, absolutely all state officials, including the president, prime minister and members of government who have become parliamentarian on the MCP ticket, have decided to resign from their posts in favor of their parliamentary mandates.

MP Vladimir Turcan stated to Infotag this morning that Vladimir Voronin's decision to retire is final. By law, the Parliament must only take notice of the application, but must not vote for or against it. Since the moment of the document registration with the Parliament Secretariat, the legislative forum announces that the presidential post is vacant, and Speaker starts performing the functions of president.

Lawmakers will now have 2 months to try and elect a new head of state. Should the Alliance for European Integration fail to bargain with the Communists and thus fail to find 8 votes necessary for electing new president, the acting head of state will dissolve the parliament and appoint the date of an early parliamentary election. It may take place at the end of February 2010 at the earliest.


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