28 November 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Ex-premier Tarlev re-elected as CUM chairman

The extraordinary congress had to be convened after the Ministry of Justice had refused to register the September 27 CUM congress' decision to elect Vasile Tarlev as Union Chairman.
INFOTAG, 15 December 2008, 17:20

Chisinau, December 15 ( INFOTAG ). The last Saturday's extraordinary congress of the Centrist Union of Moldova (CUM) re-elected former Moldovan Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev as CUM Chairman by secret ballot. Tarlev received the support of 539 of the forum's 541 delegates.

The extraordinary congress had to be convened after the Ministry of Justice had refused to register the September 27 CUM congress' decision to elect Vasile Tarlev as Union Chairman. The ministry offered the following explanation to its refusal: in September, Tarlev was elected (unanimously) by a show of hands, whereas according to the party's charter a chairperson must be voted for by secret ballot. Both last Saturday and last September, Vasile Tarlev was the only candidate for the CUM chairmanship.

The extraordinary congress adopted the formation's program for the 2009 parliamentary elections.

Tarlev said from the congress rostrum this is going to be an election critical for the nation's future, an election that will bring radical changes in the Moldovan political class, and "I am sure that by joint effort we will win the election. I believe in the Centrist Union of Moldova, in our victory, and in Moldova's future".

He said the CUM electoral ticket will include "the most honest people of Moldova... We will conduct an opinion poll to see how popular our members are among citizens. Our program will be brought to the knowledge of every citizen of Moldova. We will not foul our electoral rivals. We stand against the idea of Moldova's joining NATO and against the unionism (i.e. Moldova's unification with Romania).

"We have received 12 thousand applications for joining the CUM, which means that citizens believe in us. The public television has turned its back on us. Well, we will visit every home, every family to tell the people about this. CUM representatives must be present on every square meter of our country", Tarlev stressed.

The Chairman said the Centrist Union of Moldova has set itself an objective to win the 2009 parliamentary elections, and "we are open to cooperation with all parties standing for the Republic of Moldova's sovereignty and not advocating the unionism or fascism".



Chisinau, December 15 ( INFOTAG ). The Centrist Union of Moldova, headed by ex-Premier Vasile Tarlev, and the Party of the Regions of Ukraine, headed by ex-premier Victor Yanukovitch, signed a partnership agreement.

The signature ceremony took place at the CUM extraordinary congress held in Chisinau last Saturday. The Ukrainian side was represented by Anatoly Kinah, a former Ukrainian Prime Minister who was born and raised in Moldova. The sides decided to conclude such agreement during Tarlev's trip to Kiev last autumn.

At the congress, Vasile Tarlev thanked Anatoly Kinah for his attending the CUM forum, and called him "my old friend" several times.

Kinah read out a welcome address from the Party of the Regions' Chairman Victor Yanukovitch, who wrote that the Centrist Union of Moldova "plays an important role in the Republic of Moldova's political life... We see that a new political team is emerging that wishes to work for the sake of the Republic of Moldova's people. Ukraine and Moldova are linked with friendship ties. Vasile Tarlev is particularly respected in Ukraine because he has proved his professionalism and is performing his current duties with honor".



Chisinau, December 15 ( INFOTAG ). The Party of the Humanists of Moldova will undergo the official procedure of self-dissolution, after which will join the Centrist Union of Moldova, CUM Chairman Vasile Tarlev stated at the Union's extraordinary congress last Saturday. He said the two forces had reached a final accord on unification, so now it's up to the Humanists to carry out all necessary paperwork.

Humanists' leader Ion Mereuta said his party is ready to joint the Centrist Union and work team-like to achieve success at the 2009 parliamentary elections.

"I congratulate Vasile Tarlev on his re-election as CUM Chairman. The CUM is a relatively young party and I wish it success in attaining its objectives. The CUM Program fully meets the Program of the Party of the Humanists", Mereuta said.

Earlier this year, three more formations stated their self-dissolution and joining the Centrist Union - the Republican Party, the Our Home is the Republic of Moldova Party, and the Patria-Moldova Party. If the four forces successfully withstand the procedures of self-dissolution and of merging the CUM, then the number of political parties and movements in Moldova will diminish to 24 from the present 28.


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