27 January 2022

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Igor Botan: Probability that ruling coalition's initiative to modify Constitution will fail is high

It takes time to adopt a new Constitution by referendum, said analyst Igor Botan, the head of the Association for Participative Democracy "Adept".
Info-Prim Neo, 11 March 2010, 16:57

 "If the initiative is successful, all the people should consider Mihai Ghimpu a political genius and true leader of the Alliance for European Integration as this will mean he managed to impose his political will on the other leaders. It it fails, all the four leaders of the Alliance will bear responsibility," Igor Botan said, quoted by Info-Prim Neo.

According to Botan, there is a 50% probability that the initiative will be a success. "I think the probability that this plan will fail is high as there is not much time. It is hard to imagine that a bill can be formulated, debated and accepted by all those who form part of the Alliance during three months only (according to the government coalition, the referendum should be held by June 16 - e.n.)," the analyst said.

Igor Botan proposes setting up a commission that would reconcile the viewpoints of the four leaders of the Alliance. "The situation is complicated. Now we can say only one thing - life in Moldova is interesting. The governors are to provide the population with bread not only make shows," he said, adding that the best solution for Moldova is to precisely respect the principles of the state of law.


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