21 January 2021

Gheorghe Russu

Vice-director, The Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

Last week illustrated

Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Social 4 August 2011, 13:44

Moldovan students queue up to apply for scholarships in Romania

About 3,000 lyceum graduates thronged yesterday, August 2, at the former Romanian Consulate on Vlaicu Parcalab Street in Chisinau to obtain a scholarship in Romania.
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Sinibaldi, 17 April 2014, 18:46
Glimmers of spring.

The sound of
the springtime
near a path full
of desires, the
matin serenity,
a delicate sadness
where the sunshine
outshines with
an inner recall.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 19 March 2014, 18:20
In a luminous song...

There's the
light of a
fine day in
a luminous
song, there's
a beautiful
sadness and
a tender desire.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 6 March 2014, 18:51
La estrella de la fidelidad.

Una línea
brillante toca
el perfil de
la noche encantada
y esta poesía,
regalando el
amor, dona
el encanto de
la vida serena.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 20 February 2014, 19:04
Source of memories.

Flying over
the country a
little emotion
returns in my
mind with
a delicate

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 7 January 2014, 19:18
Walk in the sun.

Here, in
the sweet
created by a
sullen desire,
the light of
a new day
invites me
to smile near
a delicate branch.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Souffle de lumière.

Une lueur dans
l'immensité du
ciel cristallin,
une image de
jeunesse quand
l'ombre de la
nuit rappelle
l'émotion d'un
moment de joie.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 2 December 2013, 19:17
Soft serenade.

In the dim
light of a
singing the
primary care
appears like
a note in
the breath
of a feeling.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 13 November 2013, 18:12
La virtuosité des sensations.

Une image
m'appelle, dans
le son d'un oiseau
solitaire: c'est
la voix du soleil,
le chant du matin
qui donne une

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 4 November 2013, 16:40

Calling a
pleasure when
the night fades
away and a
fine bird

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 28 August 2013, 19:03
Una rosa silenciosa.

En la ternura
del sueño la
hierba mojada
parece un
susurro en
el llanto del

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 25 July 2013, 16:45
Comme une émotion.

Quand le son
de la neige
revient dans
le ciel je
sens l'harmonie
qui passe en

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 24 June 2013, 18:08
Comme l'hirondelle.

Un son dans
un souffle de
poésie où la
neige disparaît
avec la douceur
d'une rime

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 21 June 2013, 15:37
A gentle brightness.

In the sound
of a primrose
a luminous
feeling recalls
the atmosphere
of a sullen

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 23 May 2013, 18:58
Luminous sound.

You dream
in the sound
of a luminous
darkness, your
delicate care
appears in my
mind like a
loving idea.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 1 May 2013, 17:23

Le souffle
d'une pensée,
le son de la
neige qui
chante le matin,
l'amour, la
poésie, la tendre
lumière d'une
aube enchantée...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 25 April 2013, 17:51
In a sweeping song.

In the rhyme
of a sweeping
song a sincere
desire returns
to describe a

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 27 March 2013, 19:12
Simply that sun.

The largest
sound revives
in the memory
like a gentle
delight in the
heart of a

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 6 February 2013, 18:51
En la oscuridad.

En el camino
una luz
silenciosa que
recuerda el
pasado y
una noche

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 6 February 2013, 18:50

Quand le
chant d'un
rayon décrit
le sourire je
vois, dans
la mer, la douce
émotion des
pensées solitaires...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 24 January 2013, 18:34
The good time.

Here, in the
present, while
the sound of
a new day
appears in the
sky with a
delicate glimmer.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 3 December 2012, 19:25
El suave sol.

En el sol,
en el canto
dichoso que
llama el futuro,
en la rima
silente de una
noche estrellada....

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 25 August 2012, 15:55
Gentle tradition...

Gentle and
sweet sensibility,
I call your
attraction to give
an appearance
to that delicate

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 28 July 2012, 16:10
On that feeling.

Only that
sunshine is
a beautiful
feeling calling
your nature
and a delicate

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 27 June 2012, 19:15
If your sunshine....

In a lyrical
verse a fine
day remains
touching the
dream of
an intense

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sinibaldi, 5 June 2012, 18:38
Une cascade de pensées.

du soleil est
comme la
chanson qui
vient dans
la brume
en donnant
une poésie...

Francesco Sinibaldi sends a regard to redaction.
Sinibaldi, 22 February 2012, 19:03
Dans le trésor une poésie.

Comme un
diamant qui
brille dans
l'intensité d'une
âme silencieuse
je l'écoute le
sourire et le
chant du matin.

Francesco Sinibaldi
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