SD propose giving Transnistria into Russia's concession for 30 years...

The Social Democratic Party of Moldova (SDPM), headed by ex-prime minister Dumitru Braghis, has proposed to pass the Transnistrian region to the Russian Federation into a concession for 30 years.
INFOTAG, 20 martie 2009, 19:46

Chisinau, March 20 ( INFOTAG ). On Friday, the party leadership convened a news conference to present its project of Transnistrian conflict settlement, in which the concession idea seems to be one of essential-most ones. To put it into life, the SDPM has prepared the draft of a treaty for Moldova and Russia to sign if they agree with the idea.

"According to the Concession Treaty, the Russian Federation's jurisdiction will be established in Transnistria. For the concession period, Russia will create state power organs in the region, will ensure the execution of justice, and so forth. The status of Transnistria within the Republic of Moldova, after Moldova's jurisdiction restoration there, will be determined by the then Parliament of Moldova by means of a special law", Braghis explained.

The ex-premier stressed that over last 17 years, the situation in the conflict settlement field has not changed in principle, despite Moldova's numerous attempts to achieve a peaceful solution to the dispute.

Braghis presumes that in 30 years, the acuteness of the Transnistria problem will be much less, and new generations of politicians in both Chisinau and Tiraspol will grow up in socio-economic conditions totally different than now, and "three decades is a period substantial for creating conditions, in which residents on both Dniester banks will come to be interested in living together".

The document stipulates a package of measures "for rapprochement of Moldova and Russia and for establishing a strategic partnership between them". Among the measures are: a guarantee that a visa-free regime between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation shall be in force throughout the entire concession period; lifting of restrictions on Republic of Moldova citizens' labor activities in Russia; social protection and medical assistance for Moldova citizens in Russia.

The SDPM suggests concluding the Treaty concerned between Moldova and Russia with a mediation of Ukraine, the European Union and the OSCE.


Chisinau, March 20 ( INFOTAG ). The Social Democratic Party is proposing also to establish a Public Chamber of the Republic of Moldova - a think tank of best thinkers and planners from the mainland Moldova, Transnistria and Gagauzia, reads the SDPM statement made public at the news conference today.

The Social Democrats presume that only through an active involvement of prominent scientists, social and cultural celebrities, trade union and working movement leaders, industry managers etc. into the country's political and social live that it is possible to achieve confidence in the future, respect for the political class, stability, and society unity.

"The Public Chamber will have among its members the representatives of the nation's intellectual, spiritual and moral elite. They must become a buttress, a support rock for new President - the brain, honor and conscience of the multi-ethnic people of Moldova", presume the Social Democrats.

They think the Chamber must carry out expert examinations of bills and drafts of regulatory documents, must keep an eye on the activities of the government, parliament and local governance organs. The Chamber shall be making a moral assessment of these or other actions of various power organs, and "We believe the Public Chamber should promote projects, initiatives and other undertakings aimed at realization of constitutional rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and public associations".