Consultative Group Meeting: Moldova Partnership Forum Final Statement

The Government of Moldova and its international development partners convened on March 24, 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, for the Consultative Group Meeting: Moldova Partnership Forum.
Moldova Azi, 25 March 2010, 17:26

Development partners expressed their strong support for the Government's strategies outlined in Rethink Moldova and indicated financial support totalling 2.6 billion US dollars over the next four years, of which 30% is in budgetary and balance of payments support.

Key areas for partners' support will be roads rehabilitation, agriculture, water and sanitation, energy, health, regional development and social protection.

Government and partners expressed satisfaction that this level of support would make a significant contribution to Moldova's near term financing needs arising in particular from the impact of the economic crisis. All parties recognised the need to maintain the reform momentum necessary to attain Moldova's medium term objectives.