Parliament bureau proposes to set polling date for April 5

The Permanent Bureau of the Moldovan Parliament has spoken out for holding next ordinary parliamentary elections on April 5, 2009.
INFOTAG, 27 January 2009, 19:02

Chisinau, January 27 ( INFOTAG ). At its working meeting held today, the Permanent Bureau also decided to officially open the Parliament's next ordinary spring-summer session on Monday, February 2. At its first plenary sitting, Moldovan lawmakers will consider the Bureau-proposed voting date and pass an official decision concerning the election day. If the forum votes for April 5, then an election campaign will be launched already next week, i.e. 2 months before the elections, as is stipulated by law.

The Bureau-approved agenda for first two plenary work days contains quite a few essential bills, including the one on measures to be taken to improve situation in the farm sector, on public control over populace's health, Code of Mineral Wealth, a loan agreement between the Government of Moldova and the Council of Europe Development Bank, and other.

The incumbent parliament's mandate expires on March 7, but the forum will continue working (though with certain restrictions in the lawmaking sphere) until a new parliament is elected.