Media NGOs concerned about the hindered right of the press to report on public events

Non-governmental media organisations have expressed their concern about the Moldovan press' limited access to events of public interest.
IJC, 7 February 2011, 11:32

Despite the positive trends recorded during 2010, in respect to the freedom of the press, the following cases where journalists` rights have been violated prove that there is no formal commitment by the political class to respect and promote European values.

On January 29, the security detail for the interim president of the country, and president of Parliament, Marian Lupu, prevented the journalist Oleg Brega from entering the National Theatre ‘Mihai Eminescu' in Chisinau, where a play was to be performed on the occasion of the Prosecutors` National Day. Earlier, on the same day, the media was not allowed to enter a hotel in Chisinau which was hosting a meeting of the Democratic Party of Moldova. Similarly, on January 31, news crews from Adevarul Moldova, Jurnal TV and were prevented from attending a briefing by the Prime Vice-President of the Parliament, Vladimir Plahotniuc, which was held on the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry.

The signatory NGOs reprove the practice of preferential access to journalists at events of public interest, deeming it antidemocratic and inadmissible. We call on the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, political parties, politicians and public officers to adopt a European approach in their communications with media.

Independent Journalism Center
Electronic Media Association
Independent Press Association
Center for Investigative Journalism
"Access-info" Center
Committee for Press Freedom