Report 4: Monitoring Mass Media during the Campaign for Local General Elections of 5 June 2011

The Centre for Independent Journalism presented the fourth Report on Monitoring Mass Media during the Campaign for Local General Elections of 5 June 2011. The report is reflecting the mass-media situation between 30 May and 12 June.
Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent, 22 June 2011, 14:51

Based on the monitoring results, it can be concluded that the monitored media covered the electoral campaign differently, some of them making grave deviations from professional and deontological principles. Thus,

- Prime TV, a private station with national coverage, observed professional and ethical standards in covering subjects with electoral character. The station continued to slightly favor the Democratic Party and its candidates for the positions of mayors and local councilors.
- NIT, another private station with national coverage, openly promoted the PCRM, becoming mouthpiece for this party. The large volume, and content, of news items suggest that from the editorial point of view NIT is a politically partisan TV station. This is contrary to professional ethics and legal provisions. The majority of NIT news items were biased and sometimes denigrating. The station actively used aggressive journalistic language and videos that are contrary to professional and ethical principles.
- The Euro TV and Jurnal TV stations had a balanced performance, without grave deviations from professional and deontological standards. From the point of view of the frequency and the context in which candidates appeared on Euro TV and Jurnal TV the stations displayed a slight favoring of the PL candidate for the position of Chisinau mayor.
- The N4 TV station largely observed the deontological and professional standards of reflecting the campaign. N4 slightly favored the PLDM through the high frequency of news items referring to the leader of this entity, who is also the country's Prime Minister.
- The newspaper Adevărul covered the end of the campaign in a balanced manner, without siding with any electoral competitors.
- Jurnal de Chişinău showed no obvious violations of professional and deontological standards; however, it displayed a slight favoring of the PL candidate, Dorin Chirtoaca.
- Timpul de dimineaţă actively covered the electoral campaign, without grave violations of ethical and professional standards. Judging by the frequency of materials favoring/disfavoring certain candidates, we observed a favoring of the PL candidate and disfavoring of the PCRM candidate.
- The publications Moldova suverană and Nezavisimaia Moldova continued to openly campaign for the PCRM candidate and disfavored the other electoral competitors from the PL, PLDM and PDM. Both newspapers had flaws regarding the impartiality and balance of sources, as well as, diversity of opinions. The language used, especially in opinion items, was often pejorative, and many articles were accompanied by faked images violating deontological norms.

The report is available here

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