Broadcasting regulator reports on achievements

The Broadcasting Coordination Council (BCC) during the last three months held 11 public meetings, adopted 59 decisions, issued seven broadcast and retransmission authorizations and withdrew five retransmission authorizations and a broadcast license. The report on the work done by the Council in the second quarter of the year was presented in a meeting on July 21.
Info-Prim Neo, 22 July 2011, 10:23

According to the Council's secretary Dorina Curnic, the BCC in the period approved 35 new offers presented by service distributors. The five retransmission authorizations were withdrawn at the request of the holders.

During the last three months, the BCC also worked out the strategy for covering the election campaign, after the date of the local elections was announced. After the strategy was devised, the Central Election Commission approved the regulations concerning the covering of the election campaign by the mass media.

In order to fulfill the monitoring objectives set in the Broadcasting Code and in accordance with the plan of action for the last three months, the BCC carried out a campaign to monitor how the provisions regarding the broadcast conditions are observed. As a result, it penalized four radio stations.

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