Moldovan students queue up to apply for scholarships in Romania

About 3,000 lyceum graduates thronged yesterday, August 2, at the former Romanian Consulate on Vlaicu Parcalab Street in Chisinau to obtain a scholarship in Romania.
Info-Prim Neo, 4 August 2011, 13:44

Catalina Drobun from Ungheni told us she had been waiting in line since 6 AM and didn't know whether she would manage to submit her papers at the end of the day because of the huge queue. She wants to become a journalist and prefers universities on the other side of the Prut River because there she can obtain an European diploma and find a job easier.

Viorica Ciobanu from Calarasi said that the Romanian education system was better developed then the Moldovan one and Romanian diplomas were recognized in Europe. She added that she had been waiting since 8 AM and would wait all night if needed to apply for a Romanian university and become a famous person in the future.

Rodica Buga from Cornesti thinks Romania will offer more opportunities for fulfilling her dreams, as she applied for the faculty of economic sciences. The graduate told us she had queued up the previous day and hardly managed to enter the Consulate to submit her papers.

Alexandru Dusca, who came from Criuleni, said that all the places for electric engineer studies were occupied and he had to choose another faculty. For him, a scholarship in Romania was what mattered the most.

Under a cooperation agreement between the Ministries of Education from Moldova and Romania for 2011-2012, Romania will offer 1100 scholarships for university and 50 for master's diploma studies. 950 places have been offered for secondary education, including 70 for the eastern districts of Moldova. 50 places with a scholarship and 150 without scholarship, but without tuition fees either, are for Moldovan graduates of Romanian lyceums.

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